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How Upgrade Bookkeeping Communicates with you

If you're interested in how Upgrade Bookkeeping communicates through messaging and the web, we use a range of apps that we've discovered through trial and error. We started by selecting some productivity apps that would help us keep in contact with clients visiting our website and it just grew from there. On the Upgrade Bookkeeping website we have a standard Hubspot chat widget that comes free with every free Hubspot CRM account. Hubspot is free up to a certain level until you go trying to add certain 3rd party apps that are only enabled for premium accounts. However, with the free account you can still use the CRM, contacts, messaging, and forms. Take a look and see how to get started.
There are other, free CRM products available, but the thing about Hubspot is that it has a huge following and is extremely reliable. While Hubspot won't let you add a lot of 3rd party add-ons, it does let you integrate Slack. Which brings me to my next app used by Upgrade Bookkeeping: Formspree. Formspree lets you build a custom contact form to insert into your websites contact page. Formspree also integrates with Slack. So every time a contact form is completed, we not only get an email message, the activity is recorded in our preferred Slack channel and also in Hubspot CRM.
Next we have Asana. While we havent integrated Asana with the Upgrade Bookkeeping website, we use Asana for our productivity app, creating projects and tasks. Asana is used by major brands like Dropbox and Pinterest for communications with customers. It integrates with apps like Slack, Outlook, Gmail and many more and can be accessed directly within browsers to allow email messages to be associated with tasks. Use This Link to see how to turn Asana into a desktop app (click on "Asana").
Finally we have started using Gmail as our preferred email browser in Chrome. We've found that since Gmail allows the addition of custom incoming email addresses and custom "send from" email addresses, it's a lot like creating a standard IMAP or POP email mailbox. Plus Gmail integrates supporting apps such as Cloud HQ. See This Link for further information about turning Gmail into a desktop app.
You may be thinking this is a lot of work just to communicate. Well, it is to start with, but once it's setup we are mainly just responding to emails and messages. So, since we would be doing this anyway, why not get the maximum exposure on Google and the web and also acheive better efficiency for your business?