Our Story. Setting the Pace.

Upgrade Bookkeeping grew out of a powerful new partnership.
That partnership is helping our clients achieve
more than they ever thought possible.


The Upgrade Bookkeeping Story began 10 years ago as Harvest Bookkeeping Services, a sole trading bookkeeping firm founded by Shaun McAtamney.

Over the years, over 30 clients achieved peace of mind through their services and they built an incredible reputation for quality. But as the market evolved, so did the needs of Harvest Bookkeeping Service’s clients. As any successful business owner knows, when the market speaks, you listen.

Just as Harvest Bookkeeping Services was thinking about how to adapt to the changing market, a perfect solution came about. Upgrade Bookkeeping was conceived with the vision of being able to ‘Upgrade’ from a traditional view of small business bookkeeping.

Shaun McAtamney - Tax Consultant, Bookkeeper, and Registered BAS Agent for Upgrade Bookkeeping.

Shaun McAtamney

Founder of Upgrade Bookkeeping, Shaun McAtamney noticed that there is an opening for small business bookkeepers and BAS Agents to become sub-contractors to larger, industry qualified accounting firms who are looking to attract clients in locations other than their own extablished location. While not a traditional franchise, this arrangement allows Upgrade Bookkeeping to receive commission, while providing business clients with affordable tax accounting services. Company and income tax returns are just as affordable as if you walked into the tax agent’s office.

We knew that leveraging new cloud accounting innovations and using data smarter could help us transfer better outcomes to you as a business client. We’re helping business owners move forward faster and smarter, by providing business accounting services with maximum flexibility at an affordable price.

Upgrade Bookkeeping